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What are the risks involved? Casual sex could be a short-term, low-risk experience, but on the other hand, there’s always a chance that a hookup could cause problems in the future. The best way to protect yourself is to make sure both partners are genuinely interested. Sex is a powerful bonding agent, and it helps them feel more related to you. Are you cautious about casual sex? Do you avoid sharing a bed with a stranger? Does going back to someone’s apartment or house make you jittery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing Casual Sex With Confidence. You can take the plunge. You can enjoy it. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy. If you’ve only ever experienced true love, it can feel frustrating. The problem is that romance takes a lot of work. While we all want someone to love us unconditionally, most of us know that love isn’t enough to sustain a happy relationship, especially one that lasts a long time. If you want a lasting partnership, you need to be patient and open to dating several people, but you also need to be careful about whom you end up in bed with. High risk? That’s the opposite of what casual sex should be. It means going it alone without getting reliable information first. And, it’s probably putting your health in jeopardy. You may not be getting the accurate sexual health education you should be getting and not knowing how to protect yourself. Hooking up is risky, but it’s not always fatal. But it has the potential to be. Pros include the ability to pick the right person with the likelihood that the person can turn out to be compatible and excellent in the bedroom. And sure, it’s exciting to wake up with someone to never see again, but it’s probably because of all the delicious sexual chemistry that you both found exciting together. Now, not all casual encounters are made equal. Some people don’t do their due diligence. You may find yourself in bed with an eccentric millionaire who is seemingly just a wanton boarder. We should note that this may happen and could also be considered high risk. But, this doesn’t make them of questionable character. The important question is: are you able to find out who you’re laying with before you get into bed? You’ll be able to decide for yourself if the character match and compatibility after. Why so many casual hookups lately? The arrangement allows both of
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Janice Wadsworth — Los Angeles, CA With casual sex — or, more accurately, even sex with an obligation or expectation of monogamy — comes an expectation of commitment. If that’s not something you’re looking for (or more accurately, want), you may be surprised to discover that most of the people you sleep with are in the same boat. Whether you’re intimate with someone for a few months or years, it’s likely that the new relationship won’t quite live up to that romantic ideal of perfect romance, sex, and a fairy tale ending. In a way, casual sex can be challenging because the goals of intimacy have become distorted in the sense that there are romantic expectations that can’t really be met. On the flip side, casual sex can feel tremendously freeing when viewed through a different lens. For example, though initially it may seem like having casual sex is better than having a monogamous relationship, the truth is that the burden of monogamy creates just as many stresses. The bottom line is that casual sex isn’t inherently bad. Over the course of a relationship, both partners may feel differently about casual sex. But if you’re having sex with someone who you’re not truly in love with, the lack of intimacy and the pressure of the expectations that casual sex entails will make it less enjoyable. Will all of this make dating apps a bad idea? Yes. Hookup apps like Bumble place a huge amount of pressure on people to quickly stumble upon sex when they’re just getting to know someone. For me, though, the upside is that it means I get a chance to get to know someone a bit more. If I don’t see that as an important benefit, it’s for me to decide. And, besides, hookup apps are just one piece of how people are meeting and having sex these days. There are tons of other ways to connect with people, ranging from co-working to Craigslist to Tinder. Casual sex as a social norm (and even as an expectation, as with Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It”) has changed dating in a lot of ways. It can be exciting, but only if approached carefully. And that means that, before putting your eggs in the casual-sex-aims basket, you should ask yourself: Am I ready to open my heart? More tips for navigating #casualsex Christine Emba — Washington Post Here are some options for casual sex that will help your heart feel like it has survived the experience

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