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Star Wars Galaxies is a great MMO game, and has to be one of the best. However the game needs some updating. Stardock has been very busy recently, even working on new DLC for the game. This made me wonder, if Stardock did update the game themselves, how would they do it? They chose to reverse engineer the client and upload the game with modifications of their own. Stardock also chose to pay a company called OMG! Studios to create their client. OMG! Studios made a client based on the Stardock client. This client is called the “Better Client”. The Better Client does contain some patches from Stardock but you can also download patches from OMG! Studios for the Better Client. Stardock credits OMG! Studios for the patches included in the Better Client. Unfortunately for Stardock, OMG! Studios does not credit them for the patches.

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