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Ten original sound tracks were composed by Mickey Petralia, J.Black, S.Rose, and H.Moon. COMMENTS AND REVIEWS A lot of reviewers say that the game is like an air combat version of the legendary game I played as a child. I have to say that’s the best description of the game. There is no similar game in the Playlist (I checked). On top of that, the simulation and graphics are much better. Thanks for playing this game and supporting me by taking a look at my content. —– My Steam —– This Game is only in Windows (not in Linux or Mac) ——————————————— Looking for a commission? You can buy a commission from me! Character Cost: Varies! (Your preference will be considered) PS: If you’re a fan of air combat game, please visit my patreon page and help me develop a new air combat game! Thanks for Playing this game! ——– Contact ——– |Patreon| NOTES: 1) Q: (If I’m not a proper business man, please don’t send me reviews) A: I’m a full time indie game developer. I make games for the fun, not for the profit. Also, I can send reviews to my friends and other good bloggers who send me reviews. So if you want me to check your game please do one of the following: 1. Submit the game via the Steam URL like the Steam Store and allow me to review it. (It’s free) 2. Send me a Google Play Store or App Store review link (It’s free). 3. Send me a Steam Store link (Or I won’t review it). 4. Send me a Youtube review link (It’s free) 5. Send me your e-mail. (I’ll send you an e-mail review link) 6. Paypal (If you own rights to the game, you can use paypal to send me money for the review. If you don’t own rights to the game you can’t do this. Anyway, the money goes to me only. So I don’t take a cut) NOTES 2:


Blaite Features Key:

  • Highly interactive stories. Each story has it’s own quality of story and artwork allowing for a more dynamic experience
  • Classic 1993 music soundtrack. In addition to the story, the main theme of the Final Fantasy saga is also executed in a way that leaves no doubt as to the Finnish composer’s intentions
  • Three different endings to satisfy the most demanding players. Bonus ending is unlocked after completing the game
  • Numerous fun game modes, hidden objects, treasure hunts and additional gameplay options will help extend players’ fun-time
  • Customizable development process. Players can’t only feed their stories’ development directly into the game, but instead make a decision about which features to develop and in which order
  • Replayability. Apart from typical game modes (Junior/Main Adventure/Treasure Hunt) the game has a hidden Object mode, Red Planet adventure and time trial adventure modes
  • Good usability and pretty good voice acting. In the American version the voice acting is redirected to make it comparable to the English version.


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► Game Modes ✔️ Not so new to Arena Shooter Games? That’s fine. The rules for the basic Match are similar to other competitive Shooters. ► Gameplay ✔️ Up to 16 players can compete against each other in Arena Shooter games. Defend your own base or attacking an enemy’s. Everybody has his/her own skill set and different abilities. ► Game World ✔️ Unique Arena Rules. ► Soundtrack ✔️ Music ► Combat ✔️ Weapon Ranges, Damage Effects, Boss Drops, Health and Vigor. Weapon Ranges are similar to the progression of weapons in other games. Weapon Mastery Weapon Mastery is a ranking for any weapon with a value of the displayed attribute. Over 150000 Points = Instant kill. ► Kick Randomly ✔️ Targets will be kicked randomly while the game is on. You have 30 days to unlock the full version. If you do not, the game is lost forever.So, buy it now: Hope you enjoy our work so far! Thank you for your attention and keep enjoying the games. All unlocked Game World levels is now accessible in the GameWorld! ► Game World ✔️ Venture into the GameWorld, where you can explore until you die (or not). ► Item World ✔️ There is no place for you to hide. Collect all enemy weapons and traps. ► Boss World ✔️ Bosses are… bosses. Fight through waves of bosses for loot. ► Teleport ✔️ Get out of the game if you don’t want to die. Teleport anywhere, anytime. ► Map ✔️ The Map will randomly change between each game session. ► Exporter ✔️ Export your game to Steam Workshop. ► Help ✔️ Get in touch anytime if we need some info or help from you. The original Unreal engine never ran smooth so we’ve decided to port the game from Unreal Engine 4, which runs smooth on most hardware. **ATTENTION!!! IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET THE OLD VERSION OF MEVSU back, so if you want to play the old version of the game in Linux, you have to download a custom build of the game. We c9d1549cdd


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Gameplay Unlocks Guns 3mmP.38 Sniper Rifle Shotgun SMG Energy Weapon Explosive Weapons Handgun DMR Combat Knife Plasma Pistol Revolver Rocket Launcher Special Rules Factory Facilities Weapon Derelicts Variant Dual-Wielding Game Mode Scenario Buy In-App Operating System iPad iOS Mac Android Other Xbox Xbox Live PC Wii U Wii U Virtual Console PS4 PlayStation Network PC Wii U Wii U Virtual Console NA Not Available Xbox 360 Xbox Live PC PS3 PlayStation Network PC Game Description Unlock 10 Shooting Ranges in World of Guns: Gun Disassembly! Gameplay 10 Shooting Ranges Pack: Play 10 challenging shooting ranges, each with their own unique weapons and shooting challenges, in World of Guns: Gun Disassembly. Start your shooting adventure with 5 scenario-based mini-missions in the town of Old Town and finish up with the finishing mission in the secret snow-covered valley. Use your grenades to get the high score and build up your reputation to new heights. As you become more experienced, you’ll be able to take on even more challenges. Pick up 3mmP.38, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, Energy Weapon and other action-packed items to customise your skills and get your hands on some brand new guns. The 10 shooting ranges are the World of Guns: Gun Disassembly shooting game takes place on an industrial island which is still in development. Check out our YouTube channel for more guides, tips, tricks and more! Online Play10 Shooting Ranges Pack Online Multiplayer supports Game Center and PSN. Can be played with friends on both services. Note: The World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Scenario Missions are the only multiplayer mode. For local multiplayer, the gunfight mode will be the only multiplayer mode. What’s New – Add a finishing mission to the five scenario-based mini-missions. – New 10 shooting ranges and 13


What’s new in Blaite:

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After the events of Patch 1.1.5, Team JNPR must team up and join their huntsman father to save their home from something darker than ever before. In the meantime, they’re making the best of this season in the moonlight, and are fully enjoying their new look! This pack includes four different outfits: New costumes for Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha and Lie. New alternate color variations and skins for each outfit. New new color variations for the Huntsman Armor and Huntsman Head. New Jaune Arc and Nora Valkyrie hairstyles. Additional Notes: This pack is full of missing description text, so I advise reading all the text that is in the pack to get the full effect. The body is equipped with ability “Cinta Jurnalis” from The Crew. This pack also comes with a bonus: Quatrain: No matter the darkness, the light will show the way. Be a light with me, Pyrrha, and we will save the world. Help me, Nora, you’re my sister, and I’ll never leave you behind. Don’t forget about me, Lie, you’re my little brother, you can count on me. Be a light with me, Jaune, and we will save the world. Tags: Game Characters, Halloween Content, Funny Halloween Content, Game Content, Team JNPR, JPN, RPG, Raccoon Dogs, Team RWBY, Realtime Strategy, Blind Magician, Farming Simulator, Team JNPR In: Be a light with me, Pyrrha, and we will save the world. Help me, Nora, you’re my sister, and I’ll never leave you behind. No matter the darkness, the light will show the way. Be a light with me, Jaune, and we will save the world. No matter the darkness, the light will show the way. Be a light with me, Pyrrha, and we will save the world. Help me, Nora, you’re my sister, and I’ll never leave you behind. No matter the darkness, the light will show the way. Be a light with me, Jaune, and we will save the world. Be a light with me, Pyrrha, and we will save the world. Help me, Nora, you’re my sister, and I’ll never leave you behind. No matter the darkness


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