Gluten Free Italy

Every country has its staple food, a cheap and available carbohydrate to feed the masses. Rice in China, potato in Ireland and in Italy that staple is wheat flour. It is the basis of so much Italian cuisine with pizza, bread and pasta a part of most Italian meals. This has always made traveling Italia with a food loving, gluten free eating wife an enormous challenge.

suburban disconnect

City Square versus Suburban Disconnect

I recently took this photo while in Italy for one month. It is 7.30pm in Cagliari but it could be in any Italian city or town. Around this time local residents all come out and share the public space in their immediate area. From babies to the aged they gather in the square to eat, drink and play.

A cautionary tale of lust and lobster

Like many holiday romances it started with a moment of lust. Strolling home after another night of one too many Aperol spritz I looked into the kitchen and had a moment. Eye to eye with piles of fresh lobster filling the window to the kitchen of Lapola Restaurant in the Marina district of the Sardinian capital of Cagliari. Names were exchanged and a date was made for the following night.