Six things to love about Cornwall

There are a lot of things to love about London, the great metropolis of the United Kingdom. When you are done with the night life, the fine dining, the landmarks and the theatre or like me when your bank balance of rapidly deflating Australian dollars is disappearing it is time to head to Cornwall where the best things in life are free. Just three to four hours drive from the capital you can sample the six things I love about Cornwall.

The clearest view of home is from afar.

From the moment I set foot on Silba, a small island of Croatia, I felt like I was back at home and on Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth. It is free of cars and covered in a canopy of pines pruned to form a verandah over small concrete walking streets. Every path is filled with families that seem all to be walking either to or from the beach. No one is in a hurry and everyone has a relaxed smile, sun kissed skin and has forsaken their mainland fashion for bathers, with or without t-shirt with a beach towel to accessorise the ensemble.

An Ardeche Wedding

It was at a neighbours dinner party that we met the happy couple. One from Singapore one from France both new to Perth and short on friends in their newly adopted city. My wife and I hit it off with them immediately due to our mutual love of good food, good wine and travel. Over two years we met a bunch of times for indulgent dinners usually ending with Ken and I sharing whiskey while our partners drifted off to sleep.

Tourist Traps. Get the food outta there!

I am usually one to avoid the tourist traps as we travel. Preferring the real street life of a town without the chaos and competition for the dollar that tourism brings. When in Athens, Greece however viewing the ancient Acropolis at close quarters is worth the bumping of shoulders and selfie background avoidance.