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A: Detect IE6 and remove the middle script tags so the header will be shown correctly on other browsers. document.createElement(‘html’) alert(“you must have IE8 or later”) Ask HN: How do you negotiate between a cofounder, business partner or investor? – alexkehr Hi,I am looking for advice on how to negotiate in this situation. I have developed a prototype of a product with a cofounder and he is very upset at me for not having worked with him for a year because I started getting into school. He does have a equity stake in the company.Me: I don’t want to work with him anymore for equity. He and I have agreed it was a 50/50 split and we worked out the equity based on the contribution.Him: He was tired of me not working on the business for a year and now I don’t want to work on the business. He feels he is owed more equity and there is no reason why I should get anything. He says he is going to take his equity somewhere else.I: I don’t know what to do. He wants a huge ownership stake in the company and this is not something I can afford to give up yet.Any tips would be greatly appreciated. ====== jxdxbx I think you’re in a tough spot. If it was me, I would never work for equity with someone I didn’t respect. Sorry, but that’s how I’d approach the situation. You should spend time setting up a plan for the business, taking on a partner/investor/customer, and then grow it together. —— malux85 Find an investor who isn’t a co-founder or partner, and use them as a go-to person. You gave the founder a fair stake – a very good one – and now he is trying to take it away from you. I would be really pissed off if

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