DHT 11 Proteus Model

DHT 11 Proteus Model



DHT 11 Proteus Model

the sensor input is used to trigger the flow by a counter. the change is detected by a counter, which is connected to the inlet (ground) pin of a micro-controller. in this case, microchip mplabx. the counter is connected via the port rxd (pin 8) of the mclab and the dht11 is connected to the uart in u2 pin (pin 4), spi inpin (4), and control pin (3) the following code in verilog is for the counter and dht-11 connection. when the dht11 pin is high (0), the high state is detected and the dht-11 is enabled, which turns off the dht11 byt the following state for 0, 1 for high, and 2 for low.

module counter(clk,rd,rst,cpin,datain); input clk; input rd,rst; input cpin; input datain; output [2:0]cout; reg [2:0]data; reg [2:0]counter; reg [2:0]a; assign cout = data; always @(clk) begin data=datain; if(rst==1) data = {2{rst}}; counter = 3{counter}; end always @(posedge clk) begin if(data==2)begin if(cpin==1) if(rd==1) datain=1; else if(rd==0) datain=0; counter <= counter+1; end end endmodule
dht 11 proteus model

if the temperature of your project is the one for a data logging, and you need to save the data from the sensor, you should be able to do it by saving the data from the analog input of the uart. for that, you need to connect the data pin to io9, and the inversion pin to io10. the following code in verilog shows the code for connecting to the analogue input and reading the values.

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