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The Digi-Pad application was designed to be an electronic notepad that sits right on your pc screen. This offers instant access to notes that you have written and eradicates the search for scratch paper. Digi-Pad even comes in two different modes. You can have it visible to remind you of upcoming events. Or you can hide it so only an icon appears in the bottom right corner of your screen. Digi-Pad is there when you need it and away when you don’t, making it the ultimate in personal management. Here are some key features of “Digi Pad”: ■ Create, Edit, and Remove notes ■ “Hide” mode ■ Fully customizable print settings ■ Changeable color scheme ■ Installer included ■ Low resource usage ■ Great for grocery or shopping lists!







Digi-Pad Crack Download PC/Windows

How to uninstall Digi-Pad Free Download from your computer General Description Digi-Pad allows you to create, edit and remove notes. The notes can be “text” or “graphical”. Each note is saved to a separate file for further editing. When you close Digi-Pad all your notes are saved and all the information, notes, and settings are saved to the folder for Digi-Pad. Digi-Pad provides a better way to manage your notes without having to start the note taking process. Simply select the note to view by double clicking the note in its corresponding folder and only the contents of that folder will be displayed and not the entire note. Digi-Pad includes the following features. Create a note. Edit a note. Add the content of a note into your current folder. Delete a note. Find a note. Add a note to an existing folder. Delete a note from an existing folder. Open a note. Save a note. Save and close a note. Print a note. Print a note in a graphical format. Set your printer preferences. Change the color of Digi-Pad. Change the font size of Digi-Pad. Find a note by searching the contents of a folder. Settings that can be adjusted include. Digi-Pad includes a printer driver that is a 32bit DLL. You must use a Windows 95 or higher version to use the Digi-Pad program. Digi-Pad provides many convenient features to help you create, edit, manage and view notes. When you close Digi-Pad all of the information, notes, and settings are saved to the folder for Digi-Pad. Digi-Pad is a great application that allows you to store a variety of important information. Please review the Digi-Pad User’s Guide (htm) for further details. Digi-Pad runs as a Windows application and has a nice interface and provides easy, fast and convenient note taking and note management. Digi-Pad has many features that allow you to help manage your notes. Use “Remove All” option to clear all the notes stored and remove the application from your computer. When you need to use it check “Hide” to have it only appear as a cursor icon. Use the “Search” feature to find a note. Always remember the most important rule of note taking:

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Digi-Pad application is the ideal notepad for keeping track of your daily to-do list. The application is not designed to replace a traditional notebook, but to be a simple electronic alternative. Digi-Pad supports both left and right handers and allows you to edit anywhere on your screen and allow you to add multiple pages that can be viewed simultaneously. Great for shopping lists, grocery lists, and any other list that you would like to remain in your mind. Key features of “Digi-Pad”: ■ Create, Edit and Remove notes ■ “Hide” mode ■ Fully customizable print settings ■ Changeable color scheme ■ Installer included ■ Easy install ■ Low resource usage ■ Great for grocery or shopping lists! I hope you enjoy this free software for pc. If you want to remove it, open the link and click on the uninstaller option for “Digi-Pad”: gui-73-installer-hld.zip Digi-Pad digi-pad A must have application for those who wish to be more organized. This app can be used in numerous ways. You can use it as a notepad, a grocery list that can be printed, or a grocery list that you can edit, add, delete, & print. You can either let the icon be visible and continually remind you of your grocery list or you can toggle it off and only have the icon appear when you need it. Of course you can change the icon color and print options. I hope you enjoy this FREE application. To uninstall just open the link and click on the uninstall option. A message will appear asking if you really want to uninstall digi-pad. To uninstall digi-pad just click the next button and click uninstall. The uninstaller will ask you to confirm. gui-70-uninstall-hld.zip Digi-Pad digi-pad This is really easy to use. Since it is a digital notepad, you can create notes anywhere on 2f7fe94e24

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“Digi-Pad is a full featured note pad with full support for basic text editing and formatting. You can simply click to create a new note, use the text cursor keys to move about, and edit text. You can even create new pages using the TAB key, by dragging the cursor to the edge of the screen and releasing. You can easily even copy and paste text from one page to another using the “CTRL-C” and “CTRL-V” functions.” Digi-Pad Requirements: Windows 95/98/2000/XP 2MB RAM 56KB Hard Disk Space Microsoft Windows Basic or Windows NT After installing Digi-Pad run the Digi-Pad Setup from the Windows Start Menu. This will install the Digi-Pad Program and add a “Digi-Pad” icon to your taskbar. Important!!- After installation you can run Digi-Pad or Edit Note or Rename Note after installation and before running Digi-Pad or Edit Note or Rename Note you will be This is a 100% useful and efficient app for students (and teachers and parents too) that is suitable for use both in school and at home. Students will be able to share their progress with each other and, in a secure fashion, they will be able to keep records of their achievements and learn from other students’ work. Parents or teachers will be able to keep track of the progress of their children or students in a secure and user friendly way. This is a web-based solution for students. Parents will be able to access all of their students records via their web browser without the need to download any extra software. The program automatically retrieves records from a secured and private server and shows them in a great looking user interface. The program allows the user to keep a log of what has been achieved as well as provide feedback on the progress and the work carried out. Digi Pad for Windows Digi Pad for Windows allows you to create notes and/or draw a picture directly on a web page. You can then use the page to annotate and store various information at the same time. To make it easy and flexible you can edit text on a page, draw, paste into the page, and even move pages around in the interface. All without leaving the page. Digi Pad for Windows allows you to add as many pages, notes, links, and images as you want. Digi Pad

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Digi-Pad is a simple notepad application that allows you to take notes, notes, notes… It is often used for groceries and shopping lists. However, it can be used for anything that needs a quick note and a date. The main features of Digi-Pad are listed below: ■ Quick Notes ■ Instant reminder of upcoming events ■ Hide mode ■ Easy to create and edit notes ■ Sortable lists ■ Changeable color scheme ■ Full customization ■ Fully installable with a simple double click ■ Low resource usage ■ Great for grocery or shopping lists! Digi-Pad is a freeware. Digi-Pad was developed by Alex Lesco and is FREEWARE. This means that you can redistribute it as you wish. However, it is protected by the copyright law, so you cannot redistribute it for commercial purposes. Alex Lesco (the creator) would love to hear from you, as he really enjoys working on Digi-Pad. Please feel free to contact him at alex@alexlesco.com You can e-mail or message him and be sure that he will read every e-mail. Alex does not use e-mail programs (such as yahoo!) to receive e-mail so you will need to write it in a software such as Window Mail or Outlook Express. Questions about Digi-Pad? If you have any questions about Digi-Pad, please feel free to e-mail him at alex@alexlesco.com Digi-Pad was developed with Visual Studio Express 2010 on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine (CPU = Intel i5-540M 2.26GHz, RAM = 3.5 GB, HDD = 320 GB). ** Digi-Pad does not support (or is not compatible with) iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Palm OS. ** No special permission is required for iPod Touch, Android, Windows Mobile or Palm OS devices. ** This is the same app that appeared on Google Play. ** Digi-Pad is now available for download on the Google App store: *** Digi-Pad has been moved to the


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Minimum • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7 • Processor: 1GHz dual core or equivalent • Memory: 2 GB RAM • Graphics: 128 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTS (256MB recommended) or equivalent • Disk Space: 1 GB available space • Input: A standard mouse and keyboard • Output: VGA (640×480) output • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card • Link Cable: VGA Recommended


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