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There is an incident that occurred in the city of Besaid, which you have no idea about at all. You are a young man, and are an officer of the Verdant Kingdom, a nation friendly to the humans, which is allied with the Republic of Ini. The Elden Kingdom—which has countless dragons, goblins, and Amazon monsters—has gone up in arms against the humans. It is an arena where the powerful yet forgotten battles of old are starting anew.


Features Key:

  • Eras The history of the great war between Garen Royce, who currently rules the Elden Ring with the Skyship Monolith, and the other lords after the Elden failed to rebuild.
  • Gods Of a variety of mortals, the last rulers of the Elden Ring built enormous temples to their gods. It is said that the gods came down from the sky to the rulers of the Elden Ring. Each of them are represented as statues in the temples.
  • Dungeons Procedurally generated dungeons where monsters freely roam. These dungeons are fully interactive, allowing encounters to happen naturally and sometimes leading to the rise of the legend.
  • Cities Exist in the world, where players can live, work, train, and market. With a variety of job options and locations, players can freely develop their characters.
  • PvP Extensive PvP support including a new battle mode, matchmaking, and a slew of exciting PvP features.
  • Consumables Store items at the NPC storages, and use extra lifesteal and restoring-power consumables to back up your gear.
  • Improved Mechanics Statistics have been improved to follow the actual process of the player, facilitating less confusion at all stages and allowing for more entertaining mechanics.
  • Ranked Matchmaking A system for smoothly controlling the flow of random encounters and parties in ranked matches.
  • Puppet Masters Use the Steam Trading Card feature to enter into direct contact with players, and create parties with them. This allows you to experience the fun of regional PvP!

    Dragon Age Inquisition is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more information, visit www.bioware.com/dragon-age-inquisition/game-features/.

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    11 February, 2017 Stu-R-Tx-D FEATURES : ■ The Co-Op Experience With Your Brothers of Azur – By creating a link with another player’s game, you can play co-operatively with them. – You will advance your character together with them. If you are killed, you can restart the mission with the same character together with them. – You will help each other on the difficulty settings. – You will be awarded achievements based on your level for successfully completing missions with each other. ■ Quick and Easy Missions – Easy and quick missions are there for you to enjoy your gameplay. You will have a chance to learn the secrets of the Lands Between in a variety of missions as you progress through the game. ■ Bestus, a Powerful Weapon – The bestus, a chain sword, has two modes. Its sword tip functions as a lance and its shaft as a spear. – The bestus has the same properties and actions as the others. It also has special attacks called Bestus Rush and Spatigue that can be used to solve puzzles in the game. ■ A Wide Variety of Equipment – A wide variety of equipment is available from the beginning of the game, such as melee weapons and magic. – There are many equipment items you can equip to improve your strength or balance. – Magic will be useful in missions with a variety of puzzle solutions, such as solving traps and heading for places you cannot reach on your own. ■ Strong Bosses With Incredible Tasks – You will encounter strong bosses with incredible tasks. They seem to be your opponent, but they seem to be your allies as well. – There are many bosses with different kinds of attacks and attack patterns. – You will not always be defeated by them, but you will be cornered during a battle and will have to use your wit to make use of your character’s special powers. ■ The Eyes of the Spirits Are Watching You – The eyes of the spirits are watching you as a player. They will behave differently according to the situation and the decisions you make. – You will meet the spirits that made the Lands Between what it is today, and ask for their help in resolving the mystery. ■ The Final Moment – In the last mission, a mysterious creature will emerge. It will become your opponent, but it will be harder for you to defeat. – When you are about to die


    What’s new:

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    How To Crack:

  • Unpack rar/zip file
  • Copy the content of the folder and replace the game with the folder
  • How To Play:

    Once this installation method has been completed, launch the game via Steam or Full Client

    Login using your existing account or create a new account.

    Make sure to select your new installation path on the main screen.

    Click the button “Play” on the main screen to start the game.

    You can now move the mouse towards the side of the screen and use the left mouse button to interact with the UI.

    Tips: after the game starts, don’t start moving your mouse till the game logo and loading screen appears. Don’t use the G key because it activates the menu.

    Main Menu

    Main screen login screen is always displayed on the main menu.


    You can manipulate your characters across separate registries, including the inventory, skills, and storage.

    Create a new character from an existing account or register a new account (Japanese characters cannot select the registered username from the default Japanese username).


    You can equip two mounts on a single character. Your character cannot use two mounts.


    Character Load after Entering the Game

    Login screen is always displayed when you enter the game. You can edit the button settings and other options from the key settings interface.

    Kick Player

    You can kick a player who is playing the game via the game interface or kick a player in multiplayer.

    Enable/Disable Trainer

    Only requires the trainer to use the trainer and can be used globally. There is no need for the trainer to create a game account if the status is on. Trainer cannot be used if the registries are locked. Disabling via interface can reduce the influence of Trainer and can be used to disable trainer at server side.

    Clear All Quest Points



    System Requirements:

    – AMD Ryzen 1800X or faster – Nvidia GTX 1080 or AMD R9 Fury X or faster Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 1800X Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: AMD RX 480 or Nvidia GTX 1060 Recommended:


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