Full Version Of Jigsaw Galore 5.21 ((INSTALL))

Full Version Of Jigsaw Galore 5.21 ((INSTALL))

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Full Version Of Jigsaw Galore 5.21

in 1845, admiral lord horatio nelson printed a puzzle that he composed from multiple colored wood pieces to celebrate the navy victory at the battle of trafalgar. while this antique game has long since been forgotten, the principles and format of a jigsaw puzzle continue to this day.

over time, puzzles became popular for children to play. soon, puzzles became part of adult entertainment as well. in fact, the first popular picture puzzle was the 1852 optic paper pad puzzle. many a child grew up with the nutting landscape collection, featuring about 100 hand-drawn scenes, some landscapes and abstract designs with 100 pieces each. sadly, it was produced in a limited quantity, and is quite rare today.

in the 1860s, thomas gold. an english sculptor, designed a version of the jigsaw puzzle that was especially popular with the upper classes. the game was called gold in the field, and its pieces were made of engraved and colored copper.

in 1873, jigsaw puzzles began to make their way into the press. as more and more men working for newspapers began to devote their spare time to a hobby, more and more puzzles were printed. this was the first practical jigsaw puzzle, produced by american joseph petit for ithaca, new york state journal. the wood pieces were mounted on cardboard. since the pieces were smaller than the original pieces in the optic paper pad, they had to be glued or pasted to the cardboard. quite a feat in the late 19th century.

in 1877, the first commercially produced jigsaw puzzle, the log cabin set, was introduced. it featured 117 pieces in a repeating design. the method of assembly was also very different in its era. the pieces were glued onto flat pieces of wood that were fastened together using glue, and then mounted on a cardboard backing. the pieces were then glued to the back of the puzzle.

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