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Nowadays, there are thousands of tutorials in YouTube, which cover a lot of different topics, which include posting comments to your videos, using social media, getting views for your videos etc. However, many of the videos in Youtube are not free and it is also hard to find a free tutorial that you like. Here are the best sites to find a free tutorial for youtube and other online platforms.

It is no doubt that the internet is one of the most powerful sources of entertainment which is widely used by almost every person. Some people consider this as a major source of entertainment rather than TV or Bollywood films. With the advance in technology, the net is well becoming the second or even first major source of entertainment. Thus, with the ease of access internet, it has become one of the best mediums of entertainment.

Many people enjoy reading, specially the people who are reading for the first time or who are struggling with a complex material. Reading books enables people to unlock the inner world and express themselves artistically. The best sites to download books are:

Downloading software from GetApp is the fastest way to get Microsoft Office, antivirus, the latest game updates for free. GetApp offers the latest Microsoft Office, anti-malware, the latest games, movies, software updates directly from your Windows desktop. These software updates are downloaded without any ads and are completely free and secure. It is safe for you and your home network. Theses are the best places to download free software directly from your web browser.

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