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Besides being a great source of free information, it also offers hot topics which can help you stay updated with latest developments in the world. You can find out the latest news articles, check social network status and real-time data feed to know the world around you. If you are looking for some information on the go, its the best time to read and learn. Also, the site caters to the people who do not have internet access. While its not a book download site, it provides pdf files of many books.

Oclc has made available more than 150 million free e-books online, which includes many classics as well as languages. You can download books for free on this site and you need to prove that youre a teacher or student to access it. In the site, you can even check out dictionaries and research papers too.

Hotfile gives you a great place to download movies, TV shows, music, games and many other downloadable files. The good thing about Hotfile is that it comes up with a very beautiful interface. You can also refer your friends to Hotfile.

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RSS-Feed seems to be the most popular site to download various magazines. It helps you to download news feed over the internet which you may be interested in. Also, RSS-feeds acts as a feed reader so that you can subscribe to various feeds and stay update on different categories by just by subscribing. The technical part of RSS-feed will continue to grow. It would be a good option to stay up to date with happenings and news that seems interesting to you.


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