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Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version: A Controversial Novel by Faizal Ghazali

If you are looking for a novel that challenges your beliefs and provokes your thoughts, you might want to check out Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version, a controversial novel by Faizal Ghazali. This novel tells the story of Iblis, the fallen angel who rebelled against God and became the leader of the devils. In this novel, Iblis is not a mere villain, but a complex character who has his own reasons and arguments for his actions.

Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version is based on a book by Da’ud Ibn Ibrahim Al Shawni, a Saudi Arabian writer who wrote under the pen name Shawni. The original book was titled The Madness of God and was banned in many countries for its controversial content. Faizal Ghazali, an Indonesian writer, translated and adapted the book into Indonesian and added his own insights and interpretations.

What is Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version about?

The novel is divided into three parts: The Men Who Have the Elephant, The Madness of God, and The Trial of Iblis. The first part tells the story of a group of blind men who encounter an elephant for the first time and try to describe it based on their limited senses. Each of them has a different perception of the elephant and they end up arguing and fighting over their opinions. This part serves as an allegory for the diversity and conflict of human religions and beliefs.

The second part tells the story of Iblis, from his creation to his rebellion. It reveals his motivations, his doubts, his questions, and his challenges to God. It also shows his interactions with other angels, prophets, and humans throughout history. This part portrays Iblis as a rational and intelligent being who seeks the truth and justice, but also as a proud and arrogant being who refuses to submit to God’s will.

The third part tells the story of the trial of Iblis, where he is brought before God and his angels to face his judgment. He is given a chance to defend himself and present his case before the court. He also confronts God and accuses him of being unfair, cruel, and irrational. He questions God’s existence, his attributes, his actions, and his plans. He also challenges God to prove himself and his authority.

Why is Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version controversial?

Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version is controversial because it deals with sensitive topics such as religion, faith, morality, free will, destiny, and evil. It also presents a different perspective on Iblis, who is usually seen as the ultimate enemy of God and humanity. It humanizes him and makes him relatable to the readers. It also criticizes God and questions his wisdom and goodness.

Some people might find this novel offensive, blasphemous, or heretical. They might think that it insults their beliefs or mocks their faith. They might also think that it promotes evil or misguides people from the right path. They might reject or condemn this novel without reading it or understanding it.

However, some people might find this novel intriguing, enlightening, or inspiring. They might think that it challenges their beliefs or stimulates their thoughts. They might also think that it explores important issues or raises valid questions. They might appreciate or admire this novel for its creativity and courage.

How to download Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version for free?

If you are interested in reading this novel, you might want to download Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version for free online. There are several websites that offer this novel in PDF format for free download. However, you should be careful when downloading files from unknown sources as they might contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or data.

One of the websites that you can try is Scribd, which is a digital library that hosts millions of books, documents, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, and more. You can access Scribd for free for 30 days by signing up with your email address or Facebook account. After that, you can either cancel your subscription or continue with a monthly fee.

To download Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version from Scribd, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://id.scribd.com/document/448807456/iblis-menggugat-tuhan-pdf-full-version
  2. Click on the Download button at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select PDF as the file format and click on Confirm Download.
  4. Wait for the file to be downloaded to your device.
  5. Open the file with a PDF reader app and enjoy reading.

Who is Faizal Ghazali, the translator and adapter of Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version?

Faizal Ghazali is an Indonesian writer, translator, and activist who is known for his works on religion, politics, and culture. He was born in 1974 in Jakarta and graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the State Islamic University of Jakarta. He has written several books, such as The Islamic State: A Critical Analysis, The Hidden Face of Islam, and The End of Religion. He has also translated and adapted several books from Arabic and English into Indonesian, such as The Madness of God, The God Delusion, and God Is Not Great.

Faizal Ghazali is also a vocal critic of religious extremism, intolerance, and violence. He advocates for a rational, progressive, and humanistic approach to religion and spirituality. He has been involved in various social movements and organizations that promote peace, justice, and democracy. He has also faced threats and attacks from radical groups who oppose his views and writings.

What are some of the reviews and reactions to Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version?

Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version has received mixed reviews and reactions from readers and critics. Some of them are:

  • “A brilliant and daring novel that challenges the conventional wisdom and dogma of religion. It offers a fresh and provocative perspective on the origin and nature of evil, the role and responsibility of human beings, and the meaning and purpose of life.” – Rizal Sukma, a political analyst and former executive director of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.
  • “A blasphemous and heretical novel that insults the sacred beliefs and values of Islam. It spreads lies and doubts about God, his prophets, his angels, and his revelations. It promotes the devil’s agenda and misguides people from the truth and the right path.” – Habib Rizieq Shihab, a cleric and leader of the Islamic Defenders Front.
  • “A controversial and challenging novel that provokes the readers to think critically and creatively about their faith and morality. It explores the complex and nuanced issues of free will, destiny, justice, and evil. It also humanizes the devil and questions God’s authority.” – Dewi Lestari, a writer and singer.
  • “A boring and repetitive novel that fails to deliver a coherent and convincing story. It relies on weak arguments and flawed logic to challenge the established beliefs and doctrines of religion. It also portrays the devil as a sympathetic and rational character while demonizing God as an irrational and cruel tyrant.” – Ahmad Tohari, a writer and journalist.

What are some of the themes and messages of Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version?

Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version explores various themes and messages that are relevant and important for the readers, such as:

  • The nature and origin of evil: The novel tries to explain why and how evil exists in the world, and what are the causes and consequences of it. It also examines the role and responsibility of God, Iblis, and human beings in creating and confronting evil.
  • The diversity and conflict of religions: The novel depicts the different religions and beliefs that exist among human beings, and how they affect their lives and relationships. It also shows the conflicts and tensions that arise from the differences and disagreements among them.
  • The quest for truth and justice: The novel portrays the various ways that human beings seek and pursue truth and justice, and how they cope with the challenges and obstacles that they face. It also questions the validity and reliability of the sources and methods that they use.
  • The value and meaning of life: The novel explores the various aspects and dimensions of life, such as its origin, purpose, destiny, value, and meaning. It also reflects on the choices and actions that human beings make in their lives, and how they affect themselves and others.
  • The power and limitation of reason: The novel demonstrates the power and importance of reason as a tool and a virtue for human beings, but also its limitation and weakness as a source of error and arrogance. It also contrasts reason with other faculties and factors, such as faith, emotion, intuition, and tradition.

How to appreciate Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version as a literary work?

To appreciate Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version as a literary work, the readers should:

  • Recognize its genre and style: The novel is a fictional work that combines elements of fantasy, philosophy, theology, history, and satire. It uses various literary devices, such as allegory, symbolism, irony, dialogue, and narration.
  • Analyze its structure and plot: The novel is divided into three parts that correspond to three stages of Iblis’s journey: his creation, his rebellion, and his trial. It follows a linear chronology that spans from the beginning of time to the end of days.
  • Understand its characters and setting: The novel features various characters that represent different roles and perspectives in the story, such as God, Iblis, angels, prophets, humans, animals, plants, etc. It also uses various settings that reflect different times and places in history, such as heaven, earth, hell, paradise, etc.
  • Interpret its themes and messages: The novel conveys various themes and messages that relate to the issues and questions that it raises. It also invites the readers to form their own opinions and conclusions based on their own experiences and values.
  • Evaluate its strengths and weaknesses: The novel has its strengths and weaknesses as a literary work. It has its merits and flaws as a creative expression. It has its advantages and disadvantages as a source of information. It has its benefits and risks as a catalyst for change.


Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version is a novel that challenges and provokes the readers to think and feel about various topics and issues that are relevant and important for their lives. It is a novel that offers a different perspective and opinion on the nature and origin of evil, the diversity and conflict of religions, the quest for truth and justice, the value and meaning of life, and the power and limitation of reason. It is a novel that portrays Iblis as a complex and rational character who has his own reasons and arguments for his actions, and who confronts and accuses God of being unfair, cruel, and irrational. It is a novel that questions God’s existence, attributes, actions, and plans, and challenges him to prove himself and his authority.

Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version is a novel that can be read in different ways and for different purposes. It can be read as a fictional work that entertains and inspires the readers with its creativity and courage. It can be read as a philosophical work that stimulates and enlightens the readers with its logic and wisdom. It can be read as a theological work that challenges and educates the readers with its criticism and analysis. It can be read as a historical work that informs and connects the readers with its references and context. It can be read as a satirical work that mocks and exposes the readers with its irony and humor.

Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version is a novel that can have different effects and consequences for the readers. It can have positive effects, such as broadening their horizons, enhancing their skills, exploring new ideas, or inspiring them to change. It can also have negative effects, such as offending their beliefs, confusing their minds, spreading lies, or misguiding them from the truth. It can also have mixed effects, such as provoking their thoughts, challenging their assumptions, raising their questions, or stimulating their emotions.

Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version is a novel that can be appreciated or rejected by the readers. It can be appreciated for its genre and style, its structure and plot, its characters and setting, its themes and messages, or its strengths and weaknesses. It can also be rejected for the same reasons or for other reasons. It can also be appreciated or rejected partially or completely, depending on the readers’ preferences and values.

Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version is a novel that deserves to be read or not read by the readers. It deserves to be read because it is a novel that offers a unique and valuable contribution to literature and society. It deserves to be not read because it is a novel that poses a potential threat or harm to religion and humanity. It deserves to be read or not read depending on the readers’ interests and goals.

Ultimately, Iblis Menggugat Tuhan PDF Full Version is a novel that invites the readers to make their own decisions and judgments about it. It invites them to download it or not download it, to read it or not read it, to appreciate it or reject it, to agree with it or disagree with it, to learn from it or ignore it, to share it or keep it. It invites them to do so responsibly and respectfully.



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