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JNIWrapper is an application that eliminates difficulties in working with native code from Java programs using the standard Java Native Interface approach. The utility is capable of dealing with considerable amounts of data caught in the interaction between Java and a specific app's native code, without requiring too much of your time and attention. Allocated resources towards JNIWrapper are automatically discarded when they are no longer needed, thanks to the automatic memory management feature. Each variable used in a project can be reclaimed by the Java garbage collector, but not before finishing up the task. Calling conventions such as sdtcall and cdecl along with various C/C++ data types together with structures, unions, and pointers are supported by the app. New data types can be implemented at will, and already existing ones can be easily customized, allowing the developer full control over the parameter behavior. To give you more control over the program execution, JNIWrapper will make all native errors available for debugging after a native function was called. To sum things up, JNIWrapper provides an easier method for dealing with native code for Java apps. For individuals who wish to get a better grip of what this particular tool can do, taking a look at the provided documentation will surely help.







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JNIWrapper is a Java Native Interface application that makes working with native code for Java applications easier, allowing programmers to spend less time creating native applications, and more time working on their own application. Information: JNIWrapper is a Java Native Interface application that makes working with native code for Java applications easier, allowing programmers to spend less time creating native applications, and more time working on their own application. The utility does not only limit problems with native code, but also provides development and debugging features to make working with JNI easier. To get more detailed information, please take a look at the included manuals, that will help you with JNI usage. Key Features of JNIWrapper: – Erases the need for a separate GUI library to be written – Eliminates use of strings as parameters – Erases the need for linking, and allows JNI code to be compiled separately – Allows working with several different data types at once – Allows inclusion of new types – Allows working with structures, unions, and pointers – Allows cdecl, sdtcall, and various data types – Optional memory management, to allow objects to be used and discarded when they are no longer needed – Allows recovery from native errors (If there is native code in your app that throws an exception, JNIWrapper will make the error available for debugging through the main method of a JNIWrapper App.) JNIWrapper Release Notes: Changes: – Potential fixes for speed issue. Release Date: JNIWrapper Copyright (C): 2016 by Infinite Ideas Limited JNIWrapper Review by: ALPR Copyright (C): 2016 by Infinite Ideas Limited JNIWrapper Version History: 1.0.0 Initial Release of JNIWrapper 1.0.1 Fixed an issue with memory management. 1.0.2 Added some new features to make the development of native applications easier. 1.0.3 Added some new features to make the development of native applications easier. 1.1.0 Added implementation of different C/C++ data types. 1.2.0 Improved implementation of functions, allowing a lot more flexibility in the use of structures, unions, and pointers. 1.2.1 Improved implementation of functions, allowing a lot more flexibility in the use of structures, unions, and pointers. 2.0.0 Introduced memory management. 2.1.


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Our JNIWrapper is a new addition to the list of special utilities designed to assist programmers in Java in dealing with native code from Java programs. JNIWrapper is also a powerful tool for Java developers to execute native code and get results from it. Java Native Interface is the API that provides Java developers with the required framework to access native code. JNIWrapper is a utility that makes it easier for Java developers to deal with native code. The program can replace the need for programmers to write or use Java Native Interface, as it will take care of all the APIs for you. Benefits of Using JNIWrapper: JNIWrapper is a convenient utility that will work in a similar way to the method used by the developers and allow them to seamlessly interface with the native code. JNIWrapper will let you check the results that you get from the native code. Before you start working on the application, you can check its results with the help of the utility. This will let you know whether the API was successful or not. Using the JNIWrapper means that you can update your application in the future. You don’t have to go back and forth to the API and do different modifications when there is a need to upgrade your application. With JNIWrapper, you don’t have to write any additional programs as your application has everything that it needs. It has its own API, it has functions that you can call, and it will provide you with the desired return values. JNIWrapper Features: The API support this application. This application will give you the type of error that you are receiving when trying to execute your application. JNIWrapper comes with a set of utility functions that you can use to deal with native code. Support To top it off, the best part of JNIWrapper is that it is completely free. All you have to do is download it and start using it. What JNIWrapper will do for you: Help you get the best results from a given API. Put all the native code to use with Java code. Eliminate all the problems that are associated with the language. How to Install JNIWrapper: To start using JNIWrapper, you can download the program and start working with it as soon as you download it. Since the program is free, you have nothing to lose

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JNIWrapper makes it easy to develop Java applications using native code, without spending time and attention to dealing with the difficulties that come with working with native code. No need for native compilers, linkage libraries, or knowledge of C/C++ as the program will interpret all types and the code of the native classes automatically. The native elements will be accessed through symbols, structures and a few other types of interactions that are immediately apparent, making Java and C/C++ developers to have an easier time with native code. In addition, JNIWrapper provides a way to debug native errors, and gives better control over the execution of external native functions. The application was written to use Java Native Interface method calls and give users greater control over the code execution. All the classes in JNIWrapper are written in Java, which makes it possible to use the JNI methods directly, without having to convert them into C/C++ language. Using Java native methods also enables the user to interface with native C code through JNI, and this interface is provided in Java classes. Key features: * Support for resolving native function calls and for casting of return values * Simplified function call and data conversion * Auto-generation of Java-native interfaces * Improved data interaction with native code * More than 200 native classes which can be accessed through the JNI interface * Supports different types for arguments and return values * Support for x64, arm and other architecture platforms * Supports Windows, Linux and MAC * Suppports command line interface (CLI) * Support for several languages: Java, C, C#, PHP, and Python * Support for JDK 1.2, 1.4, and 1.5 * Support for Windows, Mac and Linux * Support for 64-bit operating system * Easy to use code * JNIWrapper Web API enables the user to program a native app that can be accessed with a Web browser * All command line parameters are passed to the application as strings * Deployment of the application through the app store * Compatible with Android, Windows, Linux and MAC Operating Systems * Compatible with Visual Studio * Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating Systems * Support for Java Runtime Environment: JDK 1.2, 1.4, and 1.5 * Support for Android OS: 1.2, 1.3, and 2.2.2 * Support for Android API:

System Requirements For JNIWrapper:

Minimum System Requirements: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel Core i5 Memory: 4GB RAM Graphics: GPU compatible with DirectX 11 Hard Disk Space: 15GB Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card Network: Internet access Recommended System Requirements: Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad or Intel Core i7 Memory: 8GB RAM Network: Internet


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