Nidhanaya Sinhala Film Free Download ##TOP##

Nidhanaya Sinhala Film Free Download ##TOP##


Nidhanaya Sinhala Film Free Download

in their well-known roles, gamini and malani carry the film through and immensely contribute to the development of the narrative. malani fonseka gives a world-class performance portraying the role of a honest, understanding lady.

gamini fonseka is a versatile actor who can present characters of all kinds and he excels particularly as fathers, mothers, children, passionate lovers, kind-hearted husbands and grumpy uncles. he succeeds brilliantly in portraying a variety of characters in a very natural manner. for a young actor his hands are naturally nimble and his voice is naturally high-pitched. this influences the way he acts and works with the character. he never plays a role as if he were forced to play a role. in nidhanaya the well-known vehicle and scene partner jeevaranee is played by sumitra peries herself. at a private screening of this film in the presence of the director lester james peries in 1975, sumitra played the character of a deaf and dumb woman. gamini fonseka is born to act!

willie is a spoiled, rich playboy who refuses to pay a dowry for his shy, innocent bride irene. he is a descendant of the wealthy abeynayake family headed by his father abeynayake. but he is facing a financial disaster due to his father’s improvident ways. in spite of knowing his financial woes, he is not willing to make any sacrifice for irene and her family. he loves irene madly.

while willie and his friend juwanis are enjoying a drunken party and a gay night at the mansion of the rich abeynayakes, the young abeynayake happens to find a valuable treasure in the mansion. he is detained and imprisoned for stealing. although he is averse to confessing his guilt, he eventually finds himself in the company of a young and innocent girl who is the wife of the convicts jailer. driven by his love for irene, he finally confesses to his crime. his confessing to an outsider brings out his guilt even more.

i feel that i have become very confident as an actor. i dont think i have ever been so comfortable in my role as willie abeynayake in nidhanaya. most of the times i have been on set and never felt as if i was acting. on the other hand, i feel the most uncomfortable when i am on stage. here i have to stand in front of an audience and do a lot of things. i have always lived a solitary life. i always had my nose in a book. my family life and my political life were very different. hence it is not surprising that the actor and the director relationship is a bit different. i started acting for lester as a 16-year-old. it was lester who brought out my acting. it was lester who made me a better actor by giving me direction. it seems the last film gamini fonseka will ever make is the role of willie abeynayake in nidhanaya. according to lester, gamini was stricken with an illness and was not able to direct the film udualinda. the script is by gamini fonseka and the production is by the gamini foundation. it is difficult to say when the film will be made. perhaps it will be gaminis last film as the legendary actor gini fonseka. who knows? theatres of lester james peries are no longer in the business of screening the splendid film nidhanaya. malani fonseka, the good and the bad sinhala actress died on 15 october 2002. malani was a trained singer with a very good voice. it was the wedding song of malani that impressed lester who had then made malini in this very song. it is an unfortunate fact that malini is not one of his truly memorable hits. there are many more memorable songs in the film malini, especially the impressive dance song pethiya. the songs of malini, another one of lester’s memorable films, will always remain with us. 5ec8ef588b

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