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PhotoLikr is a photo viewer specially made to let you rate your images and upload them to various online storage accounts powered by Google+, Picasa, Gmail, Minus or PhotoOnWeb. It offers support for a wide range of file types, such as .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png and psd. Associations can be made with any of them for quick access. Easy setup and user-friendly UI Installing this program is simple enough, thanks to the fact that only familiar options are bundled with the installer. At startup, the tool offers to set itself as the default application for opening photo files. However, this option can be disabled. The interface is represented by a regular window with a clear-cut structure, where you can use a tree view to navigate disk directories and pick a folder whose images you want to load in PhotoLikr. Rate and upload photographs You can use two arrow buttons to go select the next and preview picture in the directory, as well as click two buttons on the bottom part of the screen for rating the current photograph in a negative or positive way. After specifying the authentication details for one or more preferred storage accounts, you can easily share the current image, whole folder, or all images matching a specific filter. URLs are created as soon as the pics are online, and you can view a list with the link history. Furthermore, you can choose the original image resolution for uploading or set a custom one, enable gestures, overwrite any existing files, as well as ask the program to automatically send pictures with low ratings to Recycle Bin or to move the ones with high ratings to a custom location on the disk. Evaluation and conclusion We haven't encountered any stability issues throughout our evaluation, thanks to the fact that PhotoLikr didn't hang, crash or show error dialogs. It uploaded images rapidly while remaining light on system resources. All in all, this software application sports a practical and straightforward set of options for rating pictures and uploading them to favorite websites, and it can be seamlessly handled by anyone.







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Cracked PhotoLikr With Keygen is an intuitive image viewer with a rating and upload feature that lets you quickly and easily share digital photographs with friends and family via popular services like Google+, Picasa, Gmail, Minus or PhotoOnWeb. Key features: • Open and rate your pictures instantly • Upload photos to any service from a single window • Work with only the most popular formats • Create your very own bookmark folders • Quickly share all your pictures from a folder • Connect to most online accounts you’re using PhotoLikr Cracked Accounts Publisher: Radabid Software – SHAREcord – Share your comments automatically SHAREcord is a complete application for sharing any type of text comments such as your rating, photo, text, and message directly on your social account. SHAREcord is specially designed to make it easy to share your comments directly to your social accounts. Simply enter the target account url and/or his name and press the “Go!” button. SHAREcord was designed to make it easy for you to share any type of text comments on your social accounts. This is a very useful application, specially if you use 3G and/or WiFi connection… Install this app: * Deprecated: The functionality of “Airpush” has moved to a companion application called iAdAdSender Download iAdAdSender (link in “This app has been retired” message) iAdAdSender Now Replaced More information about iAdAdSender… Facebook Ad Manager enables you to manage your social network advertising campaigns using: 1) Manage your Facebook Ads Campaigns 2) Reports for ads performance 3) Monitor performance over time 4) Minimize waste with specific ad inventory criteria 5) Maximize traffic and profit 6) Post social network advertising Campaign details 7) Set daily allocation and daily spend 8) Set ad spend for each campaign 9) Set objective metrics 10) Send reports to your Facebook page and Facebook developer page 11) Set industry specific targeting 12) Set daily allocation and daily spend Reports for Ads Performance and Daily Allocation for Facebook ads Daily Allocation and Daily Spend reports are updated daily, and report you for ads performance using real-time data. Facebook

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PhotoLikr is a graphic viewer and photo rating application that can be used to upload your favorite photos on the web in a hassle free way. Simply open any supported photo file format like.bmp,.jpg,.jpeg or.png and your current image will be uploaded and displayed on your web browser. From there, you can now rate the image in a positive or negative way by clicking on the images up and down buttons on the bottom right of the screen. Additionally, you can choose to upload the file to one of the preferred storage accounts with one click. The programs accounts include Google+, Picasa, Gmail, Minus, PhotosOnWeb, as well as other hosting sites such as Photobucket, Flickr, and MySpace. Possible Filters: You can choose to add a negative/positive rating to every image on your computer. After that, you can use filters like Favorites, Retina, and Red-Eye to only upload images that you like or to use advanced features like searching for and grouping images. What’s New in Version 6.0.2: Released on 26/08/2013: – Added new storage accounts support – Fixed some bugs Mac Requirements: – OS X Lion 10.7 or later Windows Requirements: – Windows 7 SP1 or later Mac Os Requirements: – OS X Lion 10.7 or later MacBook (Late 2011) or later MacBook Pro (Late 2011) or later MacBook Air (Late 2011) or later MacBook Pro (Early 2012) or later MacBook (Early 2012) or later MacBook Air (Early 2012) or later Intel Core i5 processor or later Intel Core i7 processor or later Memory: 8 GB or higher Graphics: 10/11/12/13/14 series Nvidia graphic card and later A graphics driver updated to the latest version is recommended Storage: 15 GB of free space Screen resolution: 1024×768 Supported file formats:.bmp,.jpg,.jpeg,.png Why Download Free Download page is the very best application to download the application files and setups that you want to Download and enjoy in your computer, additionally its works perfectly for the versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc. MaxiVista 2012 Review – Rating 1,672,603 2f7fe94e24

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Use PhotoLikr to manage images on your computer and rate them. The program lets you organize your photos as albums, with or without custom labels, and display photos from multiple sources like Google+, Picasa, Gmail and Minus. Get a free 30-day trial of the program from CodeGeek Software. # # # Best Photo Manager for Google+ # # # Additional information about the features of the tool: – More than 1 million users use PhotoLikr – With a free 30-day trial, you can take a look at the tool and decide for yourself – Save your favorites and keep the album automatically updated – Choose whether to display photos with high ratings in the main album – You can share, upload, download, and delete images in batches directly from the program – Share photos with friends from Google+, Facebook, Picasa, and Minus – You can also make videos, create presentations and create slideshows – See detailed information about any image and filter it for viewing – You can open images in all known formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and PSD Free Search, Replace and Replace All shortcut allows you to save time when searching for text and make the search faster. It is a tool that makes it easier to replace text in a text file. The default button allows you to perform a quick search in files. You can quickly choose the file you want to change. In the Replace tab, you can create a match string. If you want to replace a word in text, you can easily select a word and click the Replace button. Replace in multiple files or replace all contents of a file without any problems. You can configure various text files using a variety of options. An example is a tool that lets you choose a specific color when you want to replace a text file. If you want to use it as a shortcut, click on Create shortcut and then copy the file. Also, you can save the file to a separate directory with the name of your choice. Free Search, Replace and Replace All shortcut is a user-friendly tool that can replace words as needed and is a tool that offers easy replacement for text in the form of an application. Search and replace multiple files quickly and easily with Free Search, Replace and Replace All shortcut, a great tool for any user. Launch Slideshow from any folder that contains images in seconds. You can create slideshows from any directory and can launch

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