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(See Chapter 2 for more on layers, Chapter 5 for troubleshooting, and Appendix B for troubleshooting tips.) Image manipulation in Photoshop can be divided into three stages: • The original image • Exploring the Image window and Layers panel • Manipulating (editing) the image Exploring the Image window and Layers panel Photoshop is an image editing program, and if that’s all you want to do, it’s a fairly easy program to use. However, it’s also a program that has many features and tools that professional graphic designers can use to enhance images and effects by cropping, rotating, recoloring, or adding other layers. You can see images in their entirety, or you can slice them up into layers. Some layers may contain shapes or other image elements, some layers can contain adjustments to the image as a whole, while others can contain individual adjustment layers. Adding new layers to work on A layer is a virtual workspace that you can add to an image. You can then manipulate each layer in the same way you manipulate the image as a whole. A layer is the simplest form of a creative work area; the layer is the most basic workspace that allows you to edit your work. As you work, you may create other layers to modify the parts of the image that you want to work on. By adding and deleting layers, you can create and delete multiple work areas. A layer is an area of the image that you can add text to, change a shape, or apply an adjustment to. Each new layer that you add can function just as any other layer. It can be visible or invisible. You can resize it, and you can name it. You may duplicate it or merge it into an existing layer. New layers can be added manually to any image, or you may create them via the Layers panel, explained next. Using the Layers panel The Layers panel (see Figure 6-1) is part of the image window and enables you to explore, create, merge, and edit layers. You can add individual layers, create a group (a collection of layers), group layers (like menus), or merge layers. **Figure 6-1:** Adding layers and editing them. Managing layers in the Layers panel The Layers panel enables you to add and edit the contents of a layer and view what you’re doing

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Photoshop is a versatile program with a pretty steep learning curve. It has a vast library of features and tools that cover many different forms of manipulation and editing. It also contains a lot of folders that you may never want or need to use. To make matters worse, Photoshop is an incredibly busy program. While you are trying to learn a subject, you may be confused by a new menu option or tool bar. It’s time for a crash course on how to use this powerful, complex program and still have time to learn something new. Here’s how to master Photoshop in five steps. Step 1: Start with a simple image Photoshop is a complex program that has thousands of menu options, buttons and commands. To make matters even worse, it is filled with so many folders and sub-folders that you may never use them. You also have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to even use the program. There’s no way to just start working and expect to be successful. Start off with a simple image. An image is the simplest possible thing you can edit in Photoshop. A simple image looks like this: A simple graphic (also known as a vector) looks like this: Resizing an image involves a simple photo editing technique. If you are new to photo editing, start off by adding some basic tools to your editing tool bar or work spaces. This tutorial will make it easy to get to a place where you will know what to do next. Start with a simple image and add just a few tools to your tool bar. Step 2: Use the Photoshop tools You will need a basic understanding of how the Photoshop tools work before you can apply them to your images. You may not understand all of what you see, but if you stay calm and use the tools correctly, you can learn the basics of Photoshop in no time. Most of what you do will involve cropping or resizing an image. You will also make selections, blend a variety of different colors and much more. Photoshop’s command line helps you keep organized and in control during editing. Here are the basic tools you will need to start editing an image: Tool What it Does Photoshop Elements Elements This is the most basic tool and is provided by the program. With it, you can move, rotate, add text, resize or rotate an image. White a681f4349e

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