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Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor, not a vector graphics program. This means that it works with pixel-based images. These images are composed of dots which can be any color or shade of gray. They are what allows the picture to be seen. A pixel is a small, individual dot that makes up the bitmap image on the computer screen. Each pixel is either black or white; there is no in-between gray. The pixels are all arranged in a grid so that together, the image looks somewhat like a photograph. But it’s only a simple representation of the photograph’s true photographic paper template. However, the individual pixels do not have to be arranged in this grid-like pattern. The computer can select any RGB value for the pixel and store it on the picture’s layers. Almost all programs can work with color pixel-based images. Some other programs can work with grayscale pixel-based images, but Photoshop can be set to only work with RGB pixel-based images. To turn the image into a pixel-based image in Photoshop, you just have to specify which RGB color mode to use. You can choose either RGB color mode or Grayscale mode, as shown below: In this book, we will be focusing primarily on RGB color mode. How Do I Start? You will need a PC or Mac running the latest version of Photoshop, which for Mac users is Photoshop version CS6 or higher. You’ll also need Adobe Acrobat reader (not included with Photoshop). This is the software required to read the image-editing instructions below. The basic features and techniques are the same for both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC, but the Photoshop CS6 versions have some slight tweaks and improvements. In this book, we will be following the Photoshop CS6 conventions, as most books teach these basic techniques. Photoshop’s software installation process is very user friendly. You should be able to install Photoshop on a PC or Mac without any problems. (If you have any questions, consult the Photoshop help files or the manuals included with your software disc). Adobe Photoshop consists of a number of different programs. If you are unsure which program to use when working with an image, look for the name of the program that opens when you click “File” and then click “Open.” (For example, when you click File>Open, Photoshop opens). Because of the different color-related

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This guide is for the free version of Elements (only available on Windows), not for Photoshop. Contents Getting Started Create a New Photoshop Elements Project: Click the File menu in Photoshop Elements and select New. When the New dialog opens click the first button. This option is highlighted in red. On Mac, choose File > New. On PC, choose File > New > Image. A Windows dialog will appear. Click the Folder icon. The system will then launch the Windows Explorer application. Click the folder icon to select the folder where you want to store your new project. I want to save my new project in the following folder: C:\Users\Rich\Desktop\Photoshop Elements. Enter a name for your project. Under File Type, make sure the Use Adobe Photoshop file format option is selected. Click OK. Photoshop Elements will ask you to choose a location to save your project. Click the folder icon to navigate to the folder you want to store your new project. Leave the default location selected. Click the Close button on the File menu in the top-left of the screen or choose File > Close Project. The default location is used for saving projects. Elements creates a new Photoshop Elements project file with all the default settings. Review the User Guide to learn how to create a new project file. File Menu Select Image > Image Size: If you need to resize an image, then you can use this feature. Click the Image Size option in the File menu and then choose your desired width and height for your new image. To change your default image sizes, select Image > Default Settings and then choose a new width and height. Select Image Size > Reset size to use the default settings. To add a black border to your new image, click Image > Borders and then click the Border type you want to add (for example, color or line). Fill Click Image > Fill and then select the color you want to fill your image with. Select Image > Adjustments > Image > Shadow/Highlight Color to change the highlight and shadow colors for your new image. Navigate to different layers using the Layers palette. Step 1: Create a New Text Layer Use this shortcut to place text on a new layer. In the Layers palette, click Layer > New. Enter a name for your new layer. Click the Text tool 388ed7b0c7

Photoshop CC 2015 Version 16

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