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pvsol is a free tool for the calculation of pv systems. made by the developers of the full-featured market-leading pv simulation software pv*sol, this online tool lets you input basic data like location of your system, load profile and annual energy consumption, pv module data (manufacturer, model, orientation, quantity etc.), inverter manufacturer. our automatic configuration manager will then search for the optimal connection of your pv modules and the inverter that suits best. after the simulation of the system, the results are presented: annual pv energy, performance ratio, own power consumption, solar fraction, and many more..

features: this is a user friendly software, requiring only few inputs for the project area, desired capacity, solar module and inverter. then it enables easy simulation and quick estimation of energy production at the planning stage. you can use it for detailed study, sizing, hourly estimation and report generation. its a handy design tool for pv system design, simulation and estimation. you can use the data from pvsyst to separately create a project proposal, using a standardized solar proposal template.
rating: 4/5 ; it is hugely popular software, despite the seemingly average rating
available as: native software on windows
pricing: $1000 $1400 one time

features: you can use this for simulation with multiple energy sources, add multiple loads. you can add factors like wind speed, fuel cost and emissions penalties to the simulations. it enables location search by name. but its not specifically designed for solar pv. so some of the reports may not be as comprehensive as from other solar pv specific tools.
rating: 4/5 on capterra
available as: installed software on windows or cloud hosted saas version

pvsol enables users to find out the technical and financial aspects of any kind of solar pv project. it can accurately calculate the costs, technical aspects and financial aspects of such projects. it has a simple and efficient installation and easy-to-use interface. its features include analyzing the technical and financial aspects of a solar project, comparing the different components, and modeling the process. pvsol 6.0 professional provides the best online pv/solar plant modelling solution available to the solar pv industry. pvsol 6 provides not only the best online pv modelling software available, but also the most comprehensive database of modules, inverters, batteries, cabling etc. pvsol 6 is the only software to have over 2,500 active installations from around the world and 5,000,000 registered users from over 100 countries. pvsol professional provides pv planners, designers and installers a powerful tool for pv plant design, analysis and financing. its fast and easy to use. it can be used as a standalone tool but can also be integrated with existing pv planning applications, as a plug-in, as a power designer plugin or as a solar plant modeling tool for solar power plant design, it supports 3d visualization, integrated solar plant design, chart, graph and map generation, weather normalization, load forecasting, pv module and inverter database, project status monitoring, commissioning, asset management, project management and finance. pvsol professional and the most comprehensive pv component database on the market. pvsol professional is the premier software to perform pv plant design, analysis and financing. 5ec8ef588b


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