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THE STORY OF THE GAME IN THE WORLDS BETWEEN, THE GREAT TRAGEDY OCCURRED IN THE ELDEN ERA Many years have passed since then, and the civilizations of the various nations of the Lands Between have advanced greatly. The city-states of the west live in peace and thrive due to the abundance of water and land. The continent of Kalanor lies hidden in the east, where the continents of Fenris and Dragonsphere meet. In the Lands Between, on the border of the second continent of Fenris, lives a city whose proximity to the continent’s border has caused it to blossom. The city is known as Tarnag-Under-Gorge. It is the only city-state in the Lands Between which has successfully gained a foothold on Fenris. Because of its lofty appearance, Tarnag-Under-Gorge has flourished and prospered. However, recently, the small number of inhabitants has begun to decrease. As the number of residents decreases, the “Shadow of Darkness” that has been following them slowly and stealthily begins to close in. Although the various government and religious authorities are gathering together to combat this matter, the residents of the city are unable to make progress. And then, the strange things began to happen within the city. Reports of monsters and other dangers begin to reach outside of the city. Even the number of citizens is rapidly decreasing. The mayor of the city, Alesis, attempts to take full responsibility for the situation, but the residents are unable to overcome the restrictions of their own society. As they are stuck between the specter of darkness and their way of life, they begin to lose hope. In order to combat the danger of darkness, the people have gathered together to form their own militia. Some even devote their lives to protect the city from threats, however, some of them are intercepted by the “Shadow of Darkness” while attempting to flee the city… The west and east of the land of Tarnag have been falling into a state of eternal conflict. But what are the rules that govern the Lands Between? Who, or what, is the “Shadow of Darkness”? They all gathered together in the new fantasy action role-playing game. THE SYSTEM OF THE GAME RIDGE HOLD THE FLOODGATES OF THE WORLD •


Features Key:

  • One of the youngest major fantasy RPG releases on Steam
  • An epic, new mythological world
  • A vast in-game world with breathtaking 3D visuals
  • A complex, fantasy system brimming with intriguing elements
  • Story: A series of rumors has gradually spread around the Lands Between, a place made up of different lands. In the center of this world lies the Tri-World Gate where the Tri-Side of the world by Nilien, Valciena, and Veliar once existed. Its people have been afflicted by a powerful evil that dwells in the Old Dragon’s Bones. They need your help. The liberation of the imprisoned Elden Lords, the fabrication of a new home, the pursuit of truth, and the triumph of good will be entrusted to your own hands. You, the 3rd Elden Lord of the Land Beyond, your destiny awaits you…

    The Artistic Expression of a Fantasy Story:

    Elden Ring



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    “A captivating online multiplayer roleplaying game. One can enjoy the camaraderie of cooperating with friends, while obtaining new experience via the dynamic changes of the scenery in an adventure that grows more mysterious by the hour.” \- Nikkai (Audiophile) “The Second Elden Ring Crack is amazing! It is an RPG with a lot of game mechanics mixed in. The main game features fast-paced battles, while also having a puzzle-solving element. The most exciting part about it, however, are the online multiplayer battles. It really gives a sense of presence, as you switch between playing with friends and enemies in the same screen.” \- Fighting Games (iVGC) “The fast-paced action, coupled with slick visuals and lightning-fast battles, makes The Second Elden Ring Crack For Windows a pretty much perfect RPG. The online multiplayer is what really sets it apart though, as it allows all players in a room to be active at once, and the sheer speed in which the game runs, coupled with the fact that you get a sense of your enemies’ actions in real-time, makes online multiplayer in The Second Elden Ring a truly unique experience.” \- Game Chronicles (Archived Version) “The experience is novel, and the game always feels fresh. While the music is a bit mediocre at times, the story is touching, and the illustrations bring a certain charm to it. I recommend it to anyone who wants a unique experience. Try it out for yourself!” \- Playing Criticism (Archived Version) STORY ELDEN RING game: From the epic fantasy novel THE RING OF THE ELDEN, prequel of the THE KINGDOM OF WATER, BEYOND, and the original novel THE NIDHOGG. Using interactive fiction games in the novel series that were covered in the media, THE ELDEN RING is an introduction to the world of the Elden Ring which is not only a mystery but also a symbol of hope. The game features a dynamic story that is suitable for people who enjoy action-oriented fantasy games. In the game, a young boy goes on a journey in search of a key called the Elden Ring. While on his journey, he meets a girl who unexpectedly possesses bff6bb2d33


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    1) Character Creation Select your character’s gender and race (Human, Elven, Dwarf, or Halfling). Then decide your character’s appearance (Chest, Triceps, and Leg). You can also create a magical item with limited-time stats using a combination of Strength and Magic. The stats are mapped to the body parts. 2) Character Development A variety of content and activities are offered to help you advance. Skills such as Religion and Crafting allow you to practice religious activities and use items, while Alchemy allows you to use items such as weapons to create useful items. The more you use items, the higher your ability score in Alchemy will increase, and in Crafts, the higher your ability score in Religion will increase. If your ability score in Alchemy and Crafts reach a certain level, you will receive some stat points to improve your base stats. 3) Equipment and Collectibles You can equip items with the strength of your hands and body. Collect the magical items that you find in the game to raise the value and power of your stat points. Equipment: 1) Equipment: You can equip almost any items with the strength of your hands and body. But in the world you discover at the beginning of your travels, you must use items crafted using magic or items that are gathered. 2) Magic Equipment: You can equip a magic sword and a magic shield. The magic attack power of these items will increase as you progress. Magic attacks are classified as physical, wind, fire, lightning, or arcane. If you use a physical attack that you attack with a strength of 0, the attack power will go up to the level of the strength of your attack. If you equip a magic shield, damage caused by melee attacks will decrease. 3) Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry: You can collect the weapons, armor, and jewelry that you find in the game. If you collect from the most powerful enemies that you defeat, you can obtain powerful weapons and armor that are bound to your character. 4) Ore Collection Items that were dropped as loot from enemies are also collected. You can obtain ore that will have a higher value if you collect from more powerful enemies. You can only equip items that you have collected. In order to collect a weapon, you must add a certain amount of strength (min. 10) to the value of a weapon.


    What’s new:

    A new fantasy action RPG project developed by the famous CG studio Sphere CG, Rise of Tarnish has been released. Rise of Tarnish is a very active project of Sphere CG, with important updates announced on a monthly basis. Please support us in our お待ちしています!

    At the same time, on 1/29/2017, the Sphere CG Factory will hold a closed Beta Testing Event for a portion of our users, selected through an application. Those who wish to take part will be required to purchase a limited edition apparel for Sphere CG’s Rise of Tarnish project and a special item. There is also a special BBS ticket to get in for opening hours only. If you have any issues connecting with the closed Beta Testing Event, please contact us directly.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    CPU: 2.8 GHz Dual Core or better OS: Windows 7 or better, 8.1 or better, 10 or better, Linux GPU: 8GB GPU RAM: 6GB Please do not buy this mod if you have any kind of game bug, because this mod will not work well with them. Thank you -Ricardo I won’t stop until there is a final release of it! -Love you all, Sincerely, -the making of this


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Extract files
  • Run as Administrator
  • Choose folder where you extract the game files
  • Open the game folder, and close the setup file
  • Play the game. It will finish automatically and there will be a shortcut file(.exe).
  • Click the.exe file
  • Choose launch selection option of the game and click ok
  • Enjoy!
  • PC Requirements

    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
    • Ram: 512 MB
    • Processor: 1.80 GHz intel duo core
    • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB
    • DirectX: 8.0


    Previous World

    You are a new generation of hero and a new hero in a new world. You will rise to a new destiny through the power of an age-old fantasy RPG.

    Top Position

    The players who overcame the difficulties of competition will be up against new challenges, where your influence will be stronger than ever. The people who are the center of the innovative case will bring about an all-new fantasy RPG adventure.

    Power Level

    A great power will guide your journey. The Land Between is a world of the power that serves as a balance between human society and the background magic power, and will guide you in a chaotic world.

    Hidden Power

    A heritage of magic is wrapped around a legend. Logically speaking, this legend is the same as the real hidden power. You must disperse it in the land of the heroes.


    Nyhrox is an extraordinary FF7 type. His legendary story began 20 years ago, but since the rise of Numeria, he has remained unceremoniously obscure. You must find a way to fly to Nyhrox and uncover the mysteries of the world of the humans


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    CPU: 2.8 GHz Dual Core or better OS: Windows 7 or better, 8.1 or better, 10 or better, Linux GPU: 8GB GPU RAM: 6GB Please do not buy this mod if you have any kind of game bug, because this mod will not work well with them. Thank you -Ricardo I won’t stop until there is a final release of it! -Love you all, Sincerely, -the making of this


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