Rosstechvcds^NEW^ Keygensoftware

Rosstechvcds^NEW^ Keygensoftware

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 rosstechvcdskeygensoftware [-h] [-m] [-m] [-n] [-p] [-s] [-t] [-t] [--debug] [--quiet] [--version] [--help] -c [--clean] -d [--no-keys-generated] [--no-interactive] -f config_filename [--temp-dir path] [--[no-]gen-nodes] --initial-nodes [nodes] [-n] [-c] [-w] 

generate ca1 key:

the rosstechvcdskeygensoftware tool is a simple tool for creating a rtc/upmon service key for the standard rtc/upmon service provided by visionworks (including the rtc/upmon service for visual studio 2010, visual studio 2012 and visual studio 2013).

this tool is not intended to be used in production. to use the rosstechvcdskeygensoftware tool, you must have a visual studio project that uses the rtc/upmon service. if you don’t have such a project, you can use the rosstechvcdskeygensoftware tool to create a project that will generate a project file, and that project file can be used as the starting point for creating a project that uses the rtc/upmon service.

use the following steps to generate software keys for the microsoft rtc vcds.

  1. obtain the rosstechvcdskeygensoftware package from github.

    clone .

  2. install the package.

    using a console, navigate to /opt/ros/rosdistro/bin and run the following command:

     rosdistro install rosstechvcdskeygensoftware 
  3. upload the generated keys to the microsoft provisioning system.

the rosstechvcdskeygensoftware package provides a set of scripts to generate software keys for the microsoft rtc vcds. the software keys are then uploaded to a microsoft provisioning system, and can be used to enroll a device in a microsoft wccs network.

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