Sapcrystalreports1302download !!LINK!!

Sapcrystalreports1302download !!LINK!!




 RLMReportVersionInfo rlvi; rlvi.Version = "1.0"; rlvi.sapcrystalreports1302download(&hc, &rlvi, "report-name.rpt"); 

Downloads a report that is already generated and saves it in a file on disk “report-name.rpt”.

sapcrystalreports1302download [ [, ]] [ [,  [, ]]]] sapcrystalreports1302download [ [, ]] [ [,  [, ]]]]
  • Schedule generation:
    • Entire report generation –
    • Part of the report generation –
  • Localization:
    • Locale not set –
    • Locale set to default –
    • Locale set to specific –
  • Output format:
    • XML –
    • MSXML format –
Name Description Required

The path and filename of the destination on the destination PC, where the report is generated. By default, the report is saved directly on the destination PC. So, the destination will contain the report file and with the same file name, it is saved as a report archive. This functionality is applicable for any destination.

 from crystal_reports import sapcrystalreports1302download # to send a file to CrystalReports Server by SAP Crystal Reports src = sapcrystalreports1302download.getFile(fileName="MyReport.rpt") # to get a report by URL from CrystalReports Server url = sapcrystalreports1302download.getReport(reportUrl="http://localhost:85/MyReport.rpt") 
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Console Console
Dictionary Dictionary
GetArgs GetArgs
Global Global
Id Id
Imports Imports
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Module Module
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RawJson RawJson
String String
Variable Variable

getFile(fileName [,withDependencies=True] [,timeout=10.

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