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That is, should sex be an obligation, a duty, or a chore? Someone that you’re sexually attracted to and who you find sexually attractive? Should the assumption be that once you’ve had sex, it’s all downhill from there? When you’re just out to have sex, there’s the fear that you might actually end up having a better experience with someone you don’t have expectations for. It might be a good or bad thing for you in the long run, but for the moment, it could turn out to be the best experience of your life. Does casual sex just lead to casual relationships, therefore casual dating and so on? Do casual sex people end up being the core of a bad committed relationship or marriage, or is there a better opportunity for getting to know someone more? All roads lead to Rome, and all roads lead to sex, and then they don’t. There are conflicting ideas about whether you should have sex before you develop feelings for someone, or whether you should have casual sex that is not connected to a committed relationship. At the same time, the adults you’re around (not that you’re not around, but that you are surrounded) have a decided lack of patience for rules, and casually, casual sex is so common that if you’re not prepared for it, you may lose your enthusiasm for it. The casual sex culture encourages the use of pornography, as well as relationship fetishism. For some people, this is all they have known and probably why they are hooked. When they start to engage with people, it’s not for the reason we suggest, that it’s because they want to get to know them better, it’s because they want to get laid. There is a habit of progression into a relationship, however. Casual sex culture is a world where you don’t feel the pressure to give 100% of your attention, and this often leads to anxiety about monogamy. In Western societies, the main differences between having casual sex and having sex in a committed relationship is the expectations of sexual conduct, and the societal pressure on men to be sexually assertive. How much is too much? Casual sex is always going to be open to interpretation, but that’s an appropriate subject to talk about. That being said, an important part of going out to pick up on the first date is that you have the intention of wanting to have sex, even if you’re unsure. At the very least, you should have a plan for where you will go to have sex, and
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You don’t need an app to hook up. But you do need to be looking for someone who wants to hook up with you. Finding someone who wants to hook up with you can be tricky if you’re on the casual side. So you may want to be on the lookout for clues — physical cues like tattoos, a tell-tale body piercing, or stylish clothing — to find people who are up for casual sex. Just make sure to make your intentions clear. “If the only way you think you’re gonna get laid is by being sneaky, that’s gonna backfire,” says Gen Cyben. Try to flirt with them casually to see if they’re open to a fun date, or want just something that feels like a good hookup. But isn’t casual sex just sugar-coated cheating? No way. Is casual sex really the best way to find a relationship? “I think the people who say that casual sex is the best way to find a relationship are lying. Unless you’re selling something. Or are actually following their heart. They’re not being straight with you if they’re saying that casual sex is the best way to find a relationship,” says Gen Cyben. Plus, says Lauren Ash, there’s a big difference between hooking up and going on a date with the intention of having a longer-term relationship. “You can show up at someone’s house with the goal of having sex at the end, or you can show up at your friend’s house and have a nice time.” Other research shows that casual sex isn’t always as casual. The latest from Oxford’s Martin Sweeney and UCL’s Matt Darbyshire suggests that the results aren’t as clear-cut as we’re led to believe. In their study, which looked at 70 college students, they discovered that both men and women were happier after hooking up than after dating. So there you go: Casual sex could be good for your love life. Who cares if it’s good for your sense of self? For a healthy relationship, “couples, sexual and otherwise, need to commit to each other, so casual hookups don’t make for a great foundation,” says science writer and author of Hot or Not? Michelle Catalano. More and more Americans are opting for casual hookups over fixed-term relationships. According to a study from


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